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Time to Tile

A week or so on from creating my ‘stay wet’ acrylic palette, I’m noticing a few limitations of the current design. It does keep blobs of paint usable for much longer than they would be left exposed in normal room humidity. However, it is awkward to mix in the relatively deep (c. 5cm) tray and cleaning off patches where paint has been spread out thinly is a pain, particularly if it has got reasonably dry.

For my next iteration, I’ve got down some white tiles I had stored in the loft. I can mix on these without having to reach down into the tray and I can pop a couple of them into the tray to keep soft for a few days while cleaning the others. If this doesn’t work, then I think I’ll probably have a look at picking up a suitably sized piece of tempered glass but I’ll persist with reusing materials I have on hand a bit longer.

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