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Creativity thrives within structure. Certainly for me, it is helpful to have something to create for across a range of artistic disciplines. On the watercolour side, I’ve decided to keep my nose to the grindstone with something called #30x30DirectWatercolor2018. This is being organised around a Facebook group and, in a nutshell, opens the challenge of creating a watercolour a day for the month of June. Although it doesn’t have strictly enforced rules, the invitation is to jump into painting without spending a long time creating a carefully worked out drawing to add colour to.

Do I have time to jump into this? Possibly. I’ve got things on but it will be a long time before I have a June which is completely free (as far as I can predict!). Doing a daily splash of watercolour shouldn’t be too hard; publishing and writing about each image will take longer so I may end up not posting a new picture online each and every day.

We’ll see how it all turns out but expect some colour in the coming weeks.

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