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It is probably too late to post about the further Artweeks venues I visited yesterday and today, as they will either have closed or be closing shortly, not to open for Artweeks until next year. I don’t think you could expect to see everything, even if you had nothing else on. Given a car, you could probably manage to get to every venue during their opening hours but, factoring in time to appreciate the work (and talk to some of the artists), I think it would be a losing proposition.

However, it is worth mentioning one of the places I did go to day, the Sylva Wood Centre in Long Wittenham. I don’t think they will have the same kind of exhibition on but they do have activities throughout the year. Sylva is a charity concerned with looking after trees and woodlands in Britain and, about four years ago, was gifted a former farm which is now a hub for a range of people running business built around working with sustainable wood.

That, and the Earth Trust, a mile or so down the road are both new discoveries for me from this month but both places I may visit again before next May rolls round.

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