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Beet Kvass

Recently I’ve been drinking a different kind of homebrew – beet kvass:

Watercolour painting

Beet Kvass

The method is simple – peel and chop three beetroot into medium chunks then cover with salted water (about 10g salt to 1000g water) and leave sealed for about three days. You can then take of the liquid – by now a rich magenta in colour – and, if desired, get another batch or two from the same beet cubes by adding another dose of salted water. The result can be drunk as a tonic, either directly or diluted (sparkling water is excellent for this purpose).

The painting is for the 30x30DirectWatercolor2018 challenge. Red with a bit of purple for the kvass (actually a pretty good colour mix, if I say so myself) and a mixture of purple and yellow with a touch of red for the background, playing a bit with dropping in some of the ‘kvass red’ and touches of yellow for that proper watercoloury look.

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