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Buddleja globosa

Today’s main activity was a trip to IKEA in Reading, the first time I’ve been to this site. I ended up not getting the shelving system I’d been eying up or most of the other things that caught my eye on the tour round their installation display of inspiring ideas but I did come home with a couple of the Sk├ądis pegboards and associated accessories. Fitting them was relatively painless (hurrah for a good set of tools) and my art area is now a bit neater.

Once done, I decided I’d better get on with the #30x30DirectWatercolor2018 challenge, for which I worked up an image from a photo:

Watercolour painting

Buddleja globosa

I’m more pleased with this than yesterday’s attempt. It was mainly done with three tubes of Sennelier colour: Ultramarine Deep (PB29), Chinese Orange (PY150, PR209, PBr23) and Lemon Yellow (PY3). However, I did mix the darker greens with the blackish area on my palette, which is a combination of Schmincke Neutral Tint (PR122, PB60, PBk7) and the remnants of other dark colours I’ve used in the past. Waste not, want not!

I’m more pleased with this than yesterday’s attempt, although it is still a bit stilted. It fails to be particularly realistic but doesn’t have the vivacity of a looser watercolour either. Compare it to the original (taken in my garden a few days ago) and you’ll see that the flowers on this painting aren’t too bad (artist licence allowed me to cause the bud at the top to break out) but the mixed green is far too yellow:

Photo of flowering shrub

Buddleja globosa

As I move into next week and the busy schedule of some days, I might revisit today’s piece and see if I can’t mix a better green for the purpose. I definitely need more blue but perhaps some other colours too.

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