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Double Time

Today has been pretty busy, mainly with getting ready for all the music I’m involved with tomorrow and then also popping out to help with a youth group trip to the local bowling alley earlier this evening. I’m still trying to do a bit of watercolour painting each day for the 30x30DirectWatercolor2018 challenge so I decided to do a quick sketch of my double bass:

Watercolour painting

Double Bass

Colours were the brownish bit on my palette and the purple-tinged neutral – by this stage, I can’t be more specific although it will soon be time to charge up with some fresh colours. When I got in from bowling, I added extra darkness to the background and those sections (wet on fairly wet on the left, wet on fairly dry to the right) are my favourite parts of the piece.

Incidentally, the gig is a free early evening one with Mudslide Morris and the Acoustic Revelators at Dukes Winebar in Princes Risborough – details on the Lemonrock website.


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