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Watercolour painting


Today’s watercolour is another piece done en plein air (that is, sitting outside and painting the scene in front of me) and given that I still don’t find this an easy exercise, I think I’m as pleased with this as anything I’ve managed in this vein so far. It isn’t a photographic representation and it has a lot of flaws. For example, you might pick up the fact it shows foxgloves without the title but probably not that that they were growing above a stone retaining wall. However, a reasonable amount of it at least looks like the kind of watercolour I want to be able to produce, particularly the impressionistic flow of pigment creating the flowers.

For paint, I used a bit of mixed green left on the palette to get started and then worked with a blob from each of my Sennelier tubes – Lemon Yellow, Bright Red, Ultramarine Deep, Chinese Orange and Payne’s Grey. I definitely prefer working with the tube paint although I’ve still got a good amount of each on the palette so I’ll let them set a bit and see how it works rewetting them for future plein air projects.

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