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Messin’ With The Wrong Paper

I did today’s watercolour painting quite early this morning but I’m only just getting around to posting it:

Watercolour painting

Terraced Houses

This was a very quick sketch using colours on my palette and entirely inappropriate paper for the medium. Watercolourists tend to go for heavy papers of 300gsm weight or heavier and this is on sketching paper that is probably more like 50gsm or less. However, sometimes it is fun to just paint on what is cheap and available. You get something done which might otherwise not happen and you are not too precious about the surface to take a few risks.

Here, I’d say the risk didn’t fully pay off and the result isn’t particularly notable. It might work as an underpainting but, as it stands there is nothing too noteworthy (although it might be interesting to exploit the blurring of roofline and background trees as a trick for the houses further in the distance). On the other hand, leading the music at two service and heading out to play an early evening gig, I did manage to keep up the daily painting.

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