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O Rose Thou Art Sick

On a recent trip to RHS Rosemoor, I took a photo of a gorgeous white rose and, for today’s 30x30DirectWatercolour2018 painting, I tried to render it in watercolour:

Watercolour painting


I’m not wild about the result although the smaller it gets, the more effective it is. I have managed to work up a good degree of contrast in the foliage. Actually, I’m fairly content with those leaves and stems. I painted in the stems first, did a wash of green (lifting out where I’d run over the stems) and then gradually used lighter and darker mixes to build up the depth. I’m less pleased with the rose – I think I was too uptight in trying to capture it. Maybe I need to come back and do some more rose studies – I could even collage a successful rose over the top of this one, which would be a way of giving it some crisp edges!

For comparison, here is the source photo:

Photograph of a rose

White Rose

Of course, fans of English literature will recognise the William Blake poem, The Sick Rose, from whence I stole my title!

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