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Saving the Best for Last?

Is this my best painting from the 30x30DirectWatercolor2018 project?

Watercolour painting

Shropshire Hills

I had a welter of different ideas for what to paint for the final day of this month-long project. What about another self portrait? What about that Buddleja globosa, for which I spent an extra day on working out colours? In the end, I decided to work up a landscape view drawing on my recent tonal study but based on an earlier photograph I took on a holiday in Shropshire a few years ago.

I am pleased with the overall result, built on some greens I had on my palette and a generous amount of Schmincke Neutral Tint and Pthalo Blue. Above all, I wasn’t rushing. The image is quite simple – greens and a bit of orange-red for the hills and a mix of those Schimincke colours for the sky. However, compared to some days when I’ve had to plan, paint and photograph in about 20 minutes, a Saturday afforded me the opportunity to paint, observe and develop.

I did use watercolour pencils to define the overall frame but the rest was direct watercolour and I’m very happy with the result… after a month of practising! July will see me back to focusing on acrylics, which I will be using for the course I am attending at the Oxford Summer School, but, for self-study during a busy month, I think I have reached a satisfactory result and the key lesson is not to rush.

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