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St Clement’s and the Painted Summer

Rather than sketching in the service at St Clement’s this morning, I got my small watercolour kit out to create my third painting for the #30x30DirectWatercolor2018 challenge:

Watercolour Painting

St Clement’s

The main colour was yellow ochre, toned down with a bit of orange for the main wash and either more orange or some green for shading. I also used a bit of yellow for the area at the top. I’m not entirely sure of the exact colours – it was a Winsor & Newton set that was my dad’s and I expect the half pans were probably from the Cotman range, which was what he mainly used. They might have been Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna and Hookers Green. It could have been worked further but I had to get up to play my guitar again!

I’ve also got my Painted Summer brew fermenting. It had hit a gravity of 1.049 and seems promising so far. I added the remnants of my Cara Red malt to the Pale Malt in the original recipe, so it should come out a light orange colour.

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