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All White

I’ve been doing a fair amount of painting this week, although nothing particularly interesting unless you’re a RobertĀ Rauschenberg fan. My medium has been acrylic gesso and my purpose has been to paint some photo canvases (the kind you get in bargain stores to provide instant wall art) ready to use for my own work in the future.

At the end of July, I’ve got a week long course on colour and composition for which I’ll be painting in acrylic and so I expect I’ll be adding some colour to the canvases soon. I’m certainly set up for it, with several new colours arriving today. Thumbs up to the Ken Bromley online store, which not only has decent prices but was able to tell me this morning when to expect the delivery, to the nearest hour.

I’ve got a selection of earth tones and also some pre-mixed secondaries to complement the primary and CYMK ones I had before. All white for now but full technicolour to come.

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