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Conquer or Combine?

I am not avidly following the football World Cup 2018 but, unless you leave the radio turned off, ignore social media and keep your head under a stone, it is hard to avoid it. I understand England won against Colombia last night through the penalty shoot out stage. This has been much lauded because it is the first time in a long while that a penalty shoot-out hasn’t been the kiss of death for England’s football hopes. However, it isn’t the only match in this tournament that has ended with penalties and I wonder if there might not be a better to respond to a drawn match?

Rather than the sudden-death knock-out of the penalty competition, what about if teams that drew were merged to carry on in the competition? Instead of one nation having to lose, both could work together for the potential glory of both teams. There would be increased kudos for the nation that makes it through to win the cup under its own flag, and teams could still be knocked out by losing in the game of kicking the ball up and down the field, but it would give more of the planet an interest in the continuing stages of the competition and emphasise the value of co-operation.

Also, from what I know of domestic football, the resulting teams wouldn’t be that different from the ones that turn up each week supposedly ‘at home’. You could even have a situation at the end of the event where everybody wins… although that is even less probable than my idea ever becoming reality.

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