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Fast and Slow

I have to admit that I’m impatient about deliveries. I spend quite a while weighing up my purchasing choices but, if it is something best purchased online and once I’ve decided, I want it to arrive as soon as possible after I’ve made up my mind. I mentioned last week that Ken Bromley had delivered a very good service via DPD. This morning I’ve got something coming from Amazon. Yesterday, I was disappointed that it only promised delivery by 9pm but I see that “on the day” tracking provides a much more detailed level of infomation. As I write, it tells me the driver is only two stops away now… although that has the effect of making time seem to flow very slowly.

Ironically, Ian and I finally concluded our long running read through Eugene Peterson’s A Long Obedience in the Same Direction. We started it about four years ago and, a chapter at a time and with 3-4 meet ups per year, have finally chewed our way through to the end. The subtitle of the book is ‘discipleship in an instant society’ and, those who know Peterson’s work, won’t be surprised that he isn’t offering a ‘just add water’ placebo. Instead, growing in Christian maturity (and, indeed, all sorts of maturity, depth and well-honed skills) takes time: ‘just’ add a bit of sweat and a lot of patient persistence.

Apparently my driver now has to make a few more deliveries on the way to my address. I think the system has a tendency to over promise although it should be here soon enough. Depth takes time though and time spent doing what is needful for the day so no need for the driver to rush.

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