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Fit for the Desktop?

I remember years ago, when I was first finding out about Linux, one of the discussion themes was whether it was ready for the desktop. Today, the answer to that has to be a big, fat yes, with multiple distros offering easy installation and desktop environments that will certainly work for those who just want to do a bit of web browsing, media consumption and maybe knocking up a document or two.

I’m less convinced though of whether MS Windows is still fit for the desktop. I was installing updates on a machine at work today and it took the best part of two hours. This machine only gets hooked up online about once a month to run updates but regular users will attest to the pain of wanting to leave the office only to see the dreaded “Windows is installing updates” message (or switching on in the morning to encounter the same thing). A lot of time gets wasted on monolithic updates which largely contain ‘features’ nobody asked for.

Ah well… at least Microsoft is playing nicer with Open Source these days. The times, they are a changin’.

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