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A gleaning from my RSS feed reading today was a webdev tool called the Pingdom Website Speed Test, mentioned on Thomas LaRock‘s blog. You enter a website and a test location and the service reports on how long the page takes to load and the details of what was involved.

For the average user, that is far too much information. However, if you run a website, it is interesting to take a look at where the hold-ups are. Unlike Thomas, I might keep Disqus on a bit more for receiving the occasional comment but there are some other widgets that probably are’t worth it, particularly since I think most regular readers see what I’m up to via either their own RSS reader or from the echoes each post makes on Twitter and Facebook as it lands. Therefore, they won’t see them and someone who does find a post of mine via a search or a link I’ve sent them probably doesn’t much care for the little bits down the side, which won’t be where they are looking.

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