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Melting Down Conservatively

I was busy on Friday and missed the reports about Theresa May’s Chequers accord on Brexit; by the time it came to catching up this morning, senior cabinet ministers have started dropping like flies (insert frustrated rant about the Tory cabinet here if you like!). David Davies resigned late last night and Boris Johnson has thrown his hat out of the ring this afternoon. Given the running thread of embarrassment attached to the latter, I imagine May might be tempted to utter a quiet prayer of thanks were it not for the fact it demonstrates the wheels falling off the bus.

In my mind, the ideal solution (given that we are living in what seems to be a parallel universe where past performance is not guarantee of future success or failure) would be for the UK to admit that the EU Referendum and Brexit negotiations have been a catalogue of errors and to repeal Article 50 for now. I recognise that a lot of people want to leave the EU so there should be a period to decide what options are acceptable to us and Europe (including options for close votes either way) and we can re-run it once we know definitely what the options are. Second referendum and then, depending on the result, enact the choice immediately.

Meanwhile, I wonder if Brexit is going to crash and burn anyway and if another UK General Election is looming?

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