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Network Shift

I’m trying to remember how long I’ve had a mobile phone? It must be about twenty years although it is fair to say the market has changed almost beyond recognition in that time. My first device was, I think, by Siemens and had a monochrome LCD screen. You could make calls, send texts and I think it might have potentially been able to access WAP services. I’ve been through a number of handsets since then although always on ‘pay as you go’ and always on the Virgin tariff. It offered a good deal when I signed up and inertia has kept me with the company although, for a while, I’ve been wondering if it was time to switch.

Finally, I’ve jumped ship, signing up with Giff Gaff. My IMO-Q handset was very cheap but, after a little over 18 months, I was starting to get an inkling that it was on the way out, with a couple of recent unexpected shutdowns. That one is going to get recycled but it did okay for what was only ever meant to be a temporary stop gap. I’ve gone a bit more upmarket (although still a long way back from the flagship products) and now have a Nokia 5. Among other things, I’ll be using it for in car navigation and Giff Gaff seem to offer a fairly flexible set of options so that I can have the data allowance I need when I need it but trim that back if I’m not doing voyages into unknown territory.

And, I’m pleased to observe, I can still make phone calls and send texts although the number of additional features has grown enormously. For those who knew my number, I’ve kept it, and all my contacts seem to have ported safely across too.

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