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Basil Gets a Haircut

Recently, I was reading about how easy it is to propagate basil (Ocimum basilicum) just using water. I picked up a basil plant for one of the evening meals at Soul Survivor earlier this week and there was plenty left to bring home, so I decided to give it a go this afternoon:

Propagating Basil
Basil, trimmed

The instructions I followed for this had me following a stem down from the top leaves, past the next set down and then snipping a little way above next leaves. You then strip off the leaves in the middle of the cutting and put the base in water. Apparently, roots will form over the 2-3 weeks and the plants can then either be kept going in a hydroponic growing medium or planted up into soil.

I have a feeling that a video I watched previously showed the snip as going below the second set of the leaves from the top, so we’ll see what happens. Whether it works or not, I’ve still got a good harvest of basil to use with dinner tonight!

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