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Better in Black

I’ve spent quite a lot of the Bank Holiday messing around with wood. Partly, there was the new router that arrived today. I finally got round to trying it after purchasing some additional clamps and personal protective equipment but probably more on that in a future post. However, the main production for the day was a custom amp support.

Amp Support
Amp support

You can’t see it clearly in this picture and that’s as it should be – everything look better coated with a few sprayed on coats of black, particularly when it comes to music gear. I made use of a few scraps I had laying around – some more of the thin ‘wood cladding’ effect sheet that decorated the living room when we moved in, some pieces of picture rail glued back to back and some old bicycle inner tube to protect the ends.

What it does is to let my Roland KC-150 mixer amp sit above the Markbass Nano Mark 300 head. On Saturday, I mentioned my brainwave about how I could make my existing gear work better together and, having proved itself at yesterday’s gig, I decided I could do better than the couple of loose bits of wood I had previously been using for the purpose.

All in all, a very satisfying result and one that should be handy next time a loud gig comes up where I need to be able to mix together multiple sound sources.

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