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Big Deal

When I got my double bass, about 6.5 years ago, it came with a gig bag (since replaced with an upgrade) and a huge, semi-rigid case. I’m not sure how I got it in my old car (although I did once or twice – see the whale post) but even with the Fabia Estate, it was awkward. Not only that, but the case occupied a huge chunk of space in the house. I recently filled the corner it was lurking in with something else and came to the conclusion that it had to go.

You may have noted the past tense in the above paragraph. A couple of weeks ago, I popped into Beecher Acoustics to see if they were interested. They took my number and I thought that would probably be the end of that. Lo and behold though, they called yesterday to say they had someone who could use it. I was off work in the afternoon so took the case across so they could check it fitted. It did and so I’ve now got a bit more space at home and the value of the case will go a long way to getting the bass its first new set of strings (currently still on the unbranded ones it came with).

Perhaps I could have driven a harder bargain but, with all that space freed up, I think it was a big enough deal.

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