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Wetter This Week

Today has been wet – persistent heavy rain from sometime not too long after I got to church this morning (about 9:45am) until a little before I finished up at my gig this afternoon (6pm). It’s good for the ground to get a soaking but I do feel for those camping at Soul Survivor Week C.

With the St Clement’s trip to Week B, we had good weather all they way up until the final night. It was almost completely dry the rest of the time – we only even had one morning with a light dew. However, that final morning we did discover that one of the tents had leaked and had developed an ‘indoor water feature’. We had to pack things up wet but it was easy to cope with as we were travelling home that morning; I think it would have been more difficult to handle if we’d had a similar problem on our first full day at the camp.

Fortunately, the forecast for the coming days looks to be mainly dry again.  Thoughts and prayers go out to the Week C campers, hoping that they can weather the day and enjoy the rest of the event… and also to those around the world who camp as refugees rather than ‘delegates’, coping with more extreme weather, extreme privation and no easy bail out when the waters rage and rise too high.

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