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Wheely Loud

I’m reprising my dep role with Short Notice Jazz tomorrow afternoon at The Catherine Wheel in Goring (4pm – 6pm). This time we’ve also got the indubitable Nick Hill depping for Simon on keys and I’m reprising my singing role on a couple of tunes.

Last time I thought my vox were a bit quiet and I was pondering replacing my Roland KC amp with a mixer and a second speaker. However, yesterday it struck me that I could use the line out from the Roland amp to feed my louder Markbass Nano head. The Roland can act as a mixer and be used to emphasise the higher frequencies while the output of the Markbass will add plenty of volume, particularly given that we might end up performing indoors rather than outside.

Early tests were positive; come along to find out whether it manages to meet my need to be wheely loud…

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