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The End of a Decade

Today was quite a momentous one, marking the end of my time working for NDORMS after almost a decade. I’m a bit greyer, hopefully wiser and definitely more rounded both in girth and character.

During my time, I’ve passed through a couple of job titles and a wide mix of responsibilities. The department has grown about fourfold and the range of things I was doing when I first arrived are now covered by 10-15 people (although taking them much further than I ever could as one person). However, it has remained a friendly, encouraging and supportive place to work and I move on with a little sadness.

Next week, I start a new job with the University’s Computer Emergency Response Team, using my skills with monitoring data flows and maintaining Linux systems to help protect the institution against cyber attack and to fix things when problems do occur. It should be exciting (at least for a geek like me) and not as dangerous as it sounds – although I will have to brave cycling the streets under the dreaming spires through peak time traffic.

For now though, I’m glad to look back on a job done not too badly and a desk left satisfyingly tidy.

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