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The Good Place Redux

Last night, we finished season II of The Good Place (2016-) on Netflix. The end of season I revealed a big twist and the end of season II takes it to a whole different dimension, while continuing to be a fascinating interweaving of comedy, character development and the kind of ethical dilemmas that often end up regulated to dusty textbooks.

Season III apparently drops later this week although we won’t be straight onto it. Having enjoyed another trial month of Netflix, we still decided to cancel for the time being. However, I came away more impressed with the service than I expected and could well see us returning to it for another stint as our streaming service of choice.

Meanwhile, for those who are on Netflix, watch out for another spate of Netflix-inspired phishing, described in a recent briefing from Sophos. If only the people who put their energies into this kind of scam could watch The Good Place and decide not to work for the kind of outfit that Eleanor Shellstrop contributed to back on Earth.

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