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The Kymin

We ticked off another National Trust property today – The Kymin near Monmouth. It was a venue for gentleman’s picnics in the late 17th century (possibly rather debauched affairs but I’m only inferring that from limited evidence) that ended up being protected by a purpose-built structure with fantastic views. It was also one of the first properties purchased by the National Trust, so historic for a number of reasons.

The only fly in ointment is the road up there – single track with passing places, up a steep hillside. Fortunately it wasn’t too busy on a weekday in mid-September and, with limited opening hours, it probably isn’t a busy attraction even in high summer.

It isn’t the grandest of the National Trust’s property by far but, if you are in the area and can cope with the drive up there, it is worth a visit for the views and, if you are lucky enough to have the same host we dd, the enthusiastic lecture he gave was wonderfully informative.

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