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Wednesday 31 October 2018
by Wulf
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Morning Light, Evening Dark

I mentioned lighter mornings earlier this week but I’ve definitely been noticing the darker evenings too. It looks like it is going to be lights on for the journey home for the next few months. Is it too early to … Continue reading

Tuesday 30 October 2018
by Wulf
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Plans went to pot

Today, I’d planned to pop down to the Ashmolean Museum at lunchtime and sketch some of the Barbara Hepworth sculptures they have in the modern art gallery I discovered last week. Unfortunately, that turned out to be the one gallery … Continue reading

Monday 29 October 2018
by Wulf
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Enjoying the Morning Light

After getting up to increasingly dark mornings, I’m enjoying the respite of early brightness brought about by yesterday’s clock change. However, I was noting when it began to get dim yesterday evening: the part of my daily routine which involves … Continue reading

Saturday 27 October 2018
by Wulf
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Brute Force and …

Preparing wood for the woodstove does involve a certain amount of brute force, applying raw strength to turn big lumps of wood into smaller pieces that can (a) shed most of their moisture content and (b) fit in the stove. … Continue reading

Thursday 25 October 2018
by Wulf
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Early to Rise

Colleagues in my previous department would be surprised how early I’m getting into the office nowadays – I’ve shifted my pattern about an hour earlier. Change brings a chance to change … and if I get down by about 8:30am … Continue reading