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… really necessary on a bicycle? My understanding is that a bell has to be fitted at the original point of sale but the Highway Code in Britain only suggests that a bell is a suitable way of meeting the requirement of being considerate of other road (and, by implication, shared path) users.

That said, having neglected the bell that came with my bike so long that it had locked up, I’ve found that my new daily route makes something I did want again. I cycle on a shared path that runs past the Oxford Spires Academy and, especially if I make a slightly later start, there can be large gaggles of school children spread out in lines and walking in the same direction I am cycling. I’ve noted that they seem good at heeding the bells of other cyclists and so I invested a whole £4.82 on a Widek Decibell this week, which arrived yesterday evening.

It was easy to fit, using a heavy duty rubber band rather than requiring a screw and it has a perfectly audible sound which is just what I wanted. I got an early start today and turned out not to need to ding it once. However, it probably won’t be too long before it earns its keep and feels like it ought to last a good, long time.

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