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Making Space

Apart from the jam I mentioned yesterday, the other thing I need to make is space. My room is looking tidier with those bookshelves pretty much done but I’ve had messages recently to prompt me that the free space on my Google account was almost used up. If you have a Google account, look for a space counter right down at the bottom of the page.

You can drill down and see where it is being used and email was taking the lion’s share. I did a bit of searching and discovered that you can search in Gmail for things like “size:10MB” to view all emails (with attachments) that come to 10MB or more. I tend not to delete emails in Gmail but I didn’t need to keep most of the things I found. By the time I’d also done some spring cleaning on “size:8MB”, I had made breathing room again.

Top tip: look for the big things. There is no point spending hours deliberating over messages that are each a few KB in size, certainly until you’ve looked at which of the bigger ones can go. If the room is crowded, show the elephants out first!

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