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Scratching an Itch

There’s a part of programming which is wrestling with ambitious plans to create a fully fledged application; I’m used to the end of the pool which is more about scratching itches.

What I mean is when you realise you are having to take several steps to perform a common task and that it wouldn’t take long for a few minutes working up a short script to pay itself back. A couple of examples from this morning while working on the database I maintain of songs we’ve sung at St Clements: I updated the page that displays after I’ve added new songs to give a link to the dynamic ‘charts’ page and I’ve also written a short shell script to run on the live server to install the updated version of the database. Minor things but something I handle every week and, if I shave half a minute off each time, I’ll have clawed back the time investment by the end of the year.

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