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Something I Forgot

Cycling to work today, I realised that I’d forgotten to put my lunch (and flask of coffee) in my bag. I’d been so proud about making an early start – and distracted by a backpack full of books that I was going to take back to the library – that I neglected the important task of packing my victuals.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realise until I had got to the bottom of the one steep hill I have to go down on my route, at which point I decided it was too far to go back. When I got to work, I phoned Jane, who was able to put what is now tomorrow’s lunch in the fridge. Meanwhile, I enjoyed a ‘veggie danish’ from a baker’s stall in the Gloucester Green market – essentially a tasty roll looking like a Danish pastry but topped with melted cheese and decorated with various vegetables.

Overall then, not a disastrous mistake but one I’ll try not to repeat too soon.

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