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The Last of the Square

I’ve fallen a bit behind on uploading sketches. I finished my square, spiral bound sketchbook while I was away at Soul Survivor a couple of months ago but have only uploaded them tonight. I don’t propose to repost every single one of them to my blog (you can check out the Sketches album on my Flickr account if you want to see all of them) but here is a relatively clean drawing of architecture I did one afternoon when I was at the summer school:

Oxford Academy

The Oxford Academy school where it was hosted has some bold panelling on many of the buildings and I picked those out with colours for effect. Pupils of the school will note that I’m missing the yellow ones – my yellow felt tip got displaced in my set by the ink pen I’ve used as my main sketching tool recently.

Since mid-August, I’ve moved onto a new sketch book – also square in format but, for this one, I’m using the double spread each time so working with a window that is twice as wide as it is tall (or twice as tall as it is wide, depending on what the subject or my moon calls for). I can’t easily photograph those with my iPad so it will be back to the scanner for those – and soon, because I’m beginning to make my way through that book too!

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