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Too Many Friends

“Social media” can be a fantastic resource for connecting with people and keeping a peripheral awareness of the comings and goings of a wide circle but it can also be one of the most socially destructive things on the planet. As well as sharing personal information much more broadly than is expected, it encourages dependency to the point of addiction and a constant comparison of the totality of your own life and achievements with the highlights of other people.

It is a topic I’ve heard increasingly addressed in Christian circles. At an event like Soul Survivor, you can expect at least a few things directly addressing the topic (and plenty more references to show that the addiction is strong there too… be wary of it and sign up for our social media). I’m trying to remember if I have heard someone using the verse from Proverbs (18:24) that I came back across this week: “A man of too many friends comes to ruin…” (NASB)?

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