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1 to 2 or 2 to 1

Recently, I mentioned that I had started on a new sketchbook and that it wasn’t as amenable to being photographed with my iPad. Last night, I got round to uploading all the drawings so far onto my Flickr account, including this one:

Spoons @ Soul Survivor

That shows the youth group playing a game called ‘spoons’ while waiting for one of the meetings to start at Soul Survivor back in August. Mainly it shows legs but the colour indicates the negative space formed between them and also the multiple patterns cased by the various lights. The main lines also shift in angle as they move across the page and, for a relatively quick sketch, I’m pleased with the energy of the result.

The new book, like my previous one, has square pages but, since it is flat bound rather than ring bound, I have decided to do all the pictures as double spreads so they are either in the ratio 2:1 or 1:2. Will I stick with this for the whole book? Quite possibly – working within an arbitrary rule can be a stimulus to creativity and I can always use a different sketchbook when I want to vary my practice.

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