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Myrtle Gin 2018

Whether it was the weather or the pruning or something else, the berries on my Myrtle bush (Myrtus communis) seem to be larger this year than before. I picked some berries today to get a batch of myrtle gin going and, while I have put them down the same funnel I use for the sugar in the past, I had to feed them directly into the bottle today as they were too fat.

This year’s recipe: 260g berries with an equal amount of sugar, a cinnamon stick with some cloves, star anise and mace and then topped off with London Dry gin in a 1 litre bottle. Over the next few days I will regularly shake it and then put it somewhere dark for a few weeks until the colour has developed and I’m ready to take the sweetened, flavoured and coloured liquor off into small bottles.

There are plenty of berries left on the bush so I might try a second batch this year, perhaps with a different set of spices.

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