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Artweeks 2018 at St Clement's - 2
My Artweeks 2018 Display

Last night, I discovered that I still hadn’t uploaded the photos I took of the 2018 Artweeks exhibition at St Clement’s. Consider that now done.

Above is the display I put together, which is interesting for me to review at a few months distance. All the paintings had been done in the previous year and it was the first time when none of the pieces I showed had been created with the need to have something to show in mind. The five pieces with curve motifs were based on many drawings of the various arches at the church and I was very happy about how the architecture was reflected by the glass and perspex onĀ  some of them. You get a hint of it here but it gave an extra dimension to the live experience.

I am less keen on the overall presentation; this was using a spare corner after the main display boards had been filled. Also, these are all quite small pieces; a church the size of St Clement’s could have done with much larger works (although, since I have to make and store them, I’m not sure there is much to do about that).

Good to look back though and, having kept up with the drawing, I need to get the paintbrushes out again soon.

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