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Six Forms

Earlier this week, I revisited the modern art room (gallery 62) in the Ashmolean and sketched all of the Barbara Hepworth sculptures. It ended up that the one I devoted the quickest scribble to was the one that ended up catching my attention most and I did another drawing of it: Six Forms on a Circle (1967).

This afternoon, I finally got my acrylic paints out again after a longer lay-off than I had expected and started painting from that sketch. Here is where I have got so far:

Six Forms in Progress
Six Forms

Probably best not to blame Dame Barbara too much for this one. The sculpture positions the forms on a disk, with a relative regular one and then increasing levels of distortion. For my response, I’ve laid them out largely in a line with a bit of overlap.

I don’t think I’m finished with this one yet but I thought I’d share that my brushes are back in the game.

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