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What does it mean again?

It has been a little while since I last opined about politics but, with the current state of the Brexit negotiations, it feels like time to stick my head above the parapet again. After extended negotiations, a deal has finally been drawn up with Europe, which Theresa May is now trying to champion back in Parliament. However, it seems that a significant number of MPs are opposed to it – offering anything from grudging consent to all out rejection.

It strikes me that that one thing that is pointless to do is to go back to Europe and and ask for further concessions. There might be a few points of detail but I can’t see how high-handed rhetoric is going to do what months of agonising negotiations have failed to achieve. Assuming quibbles from the Spanish about Gibraltar, and anything else other EU nations come up with, doesn’t scupper the thing, this is probably the best we’re going to get.

Ideally I would like to see another referendum but the options would have to be clear from the outset (ie. agreed with the EU and thresholds for enactment clearly defined). If it was possible to declare the whole process a mistake and go back to business as it was before 2016, I’d be in favour of that (exercising our sovereignty to play an active part in the Union and acknowledging that, outside the realm of physical geography, no nation operates as an island). The deal as agreed would be an obvious contender and, much as I loathe the idea, a two fingers up, no deal option would have to be on the cards. However, whatever the result, there would have to be a commitment from the nation and those elected into positions of responsibility to accept the consequences. Those who have power should be accountable to use it.

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