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Chilly Fingers

I don’t know what the temperature was when I cycled to work this
morning but it is the first time recently that I’ve found the tips of
my fingers getting unpleasantly cold even with my thicker gloves on.
According to the Met Office site, it is presently 1°C and slowly
rising to about 6°C by late this evening (and a strong chance of
chilly rain between now and then).

I don’t really want to wear gloves that are a lot thicker for my
cycling commute as it will make operations like dealing with the lock
more tricky. I know I could just take them off but I wonder if it
would work to have either an overlay glove that just added extra
padding round the ends of the digits or a glove that was a lot thicker
on the back of the hand but still thin enough to allow tactile
sensation on the face of the hand?

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