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Dinner with The Angel

On Monday evening, Jane and I went out for a meal at The Angel Restaurant, a dining establishment in Long Crendon, just north of Thame.

I had picked it because I was looking for places that had a few more fish options. I went for roast halibut and Jane had teriyaki salmon. Both were delicious to taste as well as beautifully presented although not huge portions. We were certainly left with room for dessert and picked their ‘Assiette of Angel Desserts’ – a plateful of choices meaning we effectively had two puddings each! Again, they were attractive in appearance and we were decently full by the end.

For a treat, it was a nice night out but moderately expensive, certainly compared to our normal choices. I also thought it was a bit odd that they seated us in a corner of their conservatory area on not particularly comfortable chairs. It wasn’t too bad but, given that we only saw one other couple eating that evening, I think there were a lot of other places they could have put us.

Would I go back? Possibly, although I’d want to save up first and possibly look to see if anywhere else was serving halibut.

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