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More Bones

I’ve been continuing to watch episodes of Bones (2005-2017) and think I’ve probably seen rather a lot as I’m now up somewhere in season 8! Some episodes have been better than others but I’m actually rather impressed with just how well they are keeping up the overall quality. Two of the recent episodes struck me as particularly strong (8:6 and 8:9), both of which see the investigators get very engaged with the unfortunates who are the victims at the centre of the story.

Mind you, opinions vary. I’ve just taken a glance at the IMDB reviews of 8:9 (The Ghost in the Machine), which I thought was fantastic. It is all filmed from the point of view of the victim’s skull and highlights the constant dance between the sceptical rationalism of some of the characters and a more open world view that others (and, arguably the series as a whole) accepts. Turns out that gets the lowest scores of the season (and, skimming ahead, for the rest of the whole series).

Go figure!

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