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See Through

Having read Magnus’s recent post on life drawing and emailed him a couple of links to useful YouTube resources, I thought I’d do some practise myself. This year, I am doing a summer course on anatomy for artists so it is an area of art I am likely to be doing more of myself. I did a series of one minute sketches from Croquis CafĂ© #350 but what I wanted to post about today was an observation on scanning the images in. Here is my first attempt:

Life Drawing - 0
See Through!

I was using very thin paper since, as quick exercises, I don’t want to keep them for a long time. However, you can see that, since I had also used both sides of the paper, I got a lot of bleed through of the image on the reverse and the scanner’s option to attempt to limit this didn’t help. Then it struck me that I was scanning against a white background (the sketch pad) – the light of the scanner was bouncing off the background and coming back through the paper, revealing what was on the reverse.

It turns out that the solution was as simple as just turning the pad the other way round and using the brown card on the back:

Life Drawing - 1
Much better!

It wasn’t even a very dark piece of card but it made a world of difference. You can view the whole set on Flickr. Meanwhile, I’ll try to keep this little bit of knowledge in mind for anything else I try scanning from thin paper in future.

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