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Figuary is a month long daily life drawing challenge run by a pair of YouTube channels, Croquis CafĂ© and Love Life Drawing. Each day during February 2019, LLD will put up a short lesson and CC will publish an accompanying figure session to draw from. Today’s lesson was an overview of the plan for the month and an encouragement to remember the value of daily practice.

Meanwhile, here are my sketches from the model session:

Figuary - Day 1
Figuary – Day 1

The top three were one-minute sketches, then two two-minute sketches and a final five-minute pose. What have I learned from the exercise? I need to take a bit more time on the proportions. In particular, I often extend the torso. It would probably also help to use larger paper although, the advantage of using a sketchbook is that I can keep my work together and see how it develops over the month.

Will I draw every day? Possibly not, but I should fill the sketchbook and learn a few things along the way.

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