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Is this Weird?

I watched a fascinating short YouTube video this evening about weirs:

What is a weir?

So far, so normal. I’ve got esoteric tastes. However, while I can often figure out why I’m seeing particular video subjects based on other things I’ve watched recently and channels I’m subscribed to, this one seems a bit out of nowhere. Weirdly, I was having a conversation about weirs the other day, setting forth my best guess about how to define them. Offline and, as far as I can recall, not near any obviously online equipment.

Is it just the psychological trick, where you are more prone to spotting things that you have an interest in? I’m probably more likely than average to spot a man with long hair, a beard and glasses in a crowd than someone who doesn’t share those characteristics. Or does Google have more hidden microphones hidden away than the ones recently discovered in their Nest home automation system (which I wasn’t near at all)?

It is probably the former but it could make you paranoid. At least, I’ve now got a better evidence base for my opinions on weirs!

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