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Not Enough Sausage?

Sausage was in the news recently, with some bright spark in marketing for Marks and Spencer coming up with the idea of releasing a heart-shaped ‘love sausage’ for Valentine’s Day. That is a bit of a shift in branding from the days when M&S was much more associated with modesty and respectability than risqué stunts.

I heard about it last week and someone mentioned it at the pub after work last night. Cycling home, the cogs jumped and I ended up pondering figuary instead. We’re now onto day fifteen of the month-long daily life-drawing challenge and so far, the models have consisted of two men and twelve women (one of the latter having made her second appearance today).

Figuary - Day 14
Figuary – Day 14 (Mike)

That proportion is about on track with the overall output of the Croquis Café channel, which hosts the daily session videos and it got me wondering why there is such a disparity. Is it about the supply of models or the demand from viewers or just the unconscious bias of the channel producers? Do both men and women find naked men more challenging to look at?

From a drawing point of view, it certainly isn’t about ogling – working to a timer, there isn’t the opportunity to let the mind wander idly as it is far too full with form and flow, shading and volume.

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