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5.2 Million and Counting

By the time you read this, the figure will probably be wrong. I’m typing this post up on Sunday night to appear on Monday morning, since I’ve got a busy day tomorrow. I’m talking about the petition for the UK Government to revoke article 50 and remain in the EU.

I tried signing it on Thursday but never got my confirmation email to finish the process so had another go tonight… er, yesterday evening. The servers have been constantly struggling to keep up with the volume of hits. Done now though. Another voice to say, “we’ve now got some choices – deal, no-deal or stay in the EU”. I’ve posted before on this subject. Given that we’ve now got a better idea of the costs and consequences of the different options than we had in mid-2016, another referendum at least seems like a sensible way to cut the Gordian knot that is tying up Parliament.

Along with the huge number of people who attended Saturday’s demonstration in London (compared with the paltry numbers on the “Leave Now” pilgrimage, which leading light Nigel Farage got started before having to give his apologies and beg off early), I think the whole “will of the people” idea as an argument for leaving is highly questionable and begs to be tested.

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