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Almost Hotter Than July

I’m not sure if my latest homebrew, Electric Bass (now renamed Shark Fin Bass), is going to be a master blaster or another one for the slug pubs. When I got home tonight, I glanced at the Inkbird temperature controller and realised that the brew had got to about 32°C which is substantially warmer than the 17°C I was aiming for!

What happened? It turned out that the temperature rise I observed since starting it going on Sunday wasn’t the gentle warming of the brew belt but just the natural, exothermic reaction of the yeast. Unfortunately I wasn’t around when it hit 18°C and the Inkbird dutifully turned on power to the cooling plug… which is what the belt was actually plugged into. That’s something to check more carefully in future! The trouble is that I saw the heating light was on and the heat was going up so I assumed all was as it should be.

I’ll have to hope that it will still be palatable. If not, since I relied on the room not getting too hot rather than having plugin cooling, I might have to consider either including a fan in future or taping over the cooling socket to avoid the same mistake.

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