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Chenin Blanc

I remember having a season on this blog when I was taking quite an interest in wine. I’d buy pairs of bottles from my local Majestic (then in Lewisham), drink one and write a review and then, later, drink the second and check back on my notes. It was a good exercise for developing my palate and learn a bit more about wines that I knew I liked.

Just over a month ago, Jane and I went out for a lovely meal and we particularly enjoyed the bottle of Chenin Blanc we had with it. I’ve tried a couple of different bottles since then but think I’ve finally found a worthy one to track down again – La Baume La Grande Olivette (as it turns out, from Majestic again).

Last night we had a pork curry and the apple flavours of this wine stood forward and worked marvellously. There is both leftover wine and curry so we’ll try again tonight but I think this particular wine goes on my ‘buy some more’ list.

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