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Marching Out of Figuary

Yesterday was the final day of February and my last go at the 2019 Figuary challenge. Here is my page of drawings of model ChelseaJo:

Figuary - Day 28
Figuary – Day 28

Throughout the month, I managed to draw on 24 of the days (with a gap when I was away for a long weekend last week) and generally did one A5 page per day although there were a couple of times when I combined poses from two days onto a single page. Throughout I used various pencils from a Derwent artist drawing set, often combining two or more pencils per day.

Did my skills improve? I think there are more results I am pleased with from the second half of the month although I can’t measure a linear progression. There might have been a more direct line if I could have set aside a consistent session each day, including time for a warm up, but, even with that, I’m sure there would be variance. My favourite results were the back view on day 16 and the abstract results of the 12 line exercise on day 22. You can see the whole set in my Life Drawing album on Flickr or, for comparison, here are my less satisfactory results from day 13, with the same model:

Figuary - Day 13
Figuary – Day 13

The other thing that would have been good would have been a larger drawing surface. On the other hand, I do now have a small sketchbook that is filled with work from this one project, which I can easily look back on in future. All in all, a worthwhile exercise and, thanks to the generosity of Love Life Drawing and Croquis Café, one that I can revisit again in future.

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