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No More Bones

I’ve finally finished Bones (2005-2017). It never got any closer to representing the Kathy Reichs books (which would have been a hard call given the starting point was already divergent in almost every way), it didn’t seem to worry too much about skipping previous evidence when it came to wrapping up an episode and it remained pretty formulaic in how it was constructed. However, despite all that, I largely enjoyed it.

Given it endured for 12 seasons, I think that is pretty good going. The last extended series I watched, Haven (2010-2015), only made it to five seasons and I’d pretty much given up by the end of the fourth one. I think I saw one episode from early in season five and that was enough to confirm that I’d watched enough.

What’s next? I’ve started to watch season two of American Gods (2017-) but, from what I recall of the book it is based on, that shouldn’t drag out too long.

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